Monday, August 6, 2012

Cutest little boy!!!!

These funny pictures were all Amos! Kirk & I only contributed by smiling and laughing! He is a smart boy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

From 3 to 4 to 3!

This was the way we announced the pregnancy of our second baby! Hooray!! Our baby was to be born on Feb 26th 2013, but after a long struggle for the momma, our sweet baby didn't make it and I experienced a natural miscarriage at 10 weeks.
Gratefully I have begone the healing process and am feeling a little better every day! I still have some womanly issues I am working through, and I still feel weak, light headed and tired most of the day. But I have gained a deeper gratitude for physical Pain. This is a memory I embrace and feel thankful to add to my experience here on Earth. We were able to see our baby through Ultra Sound multiple times and to witness his or her sweet heart beat strong. Because of this, we know our second little one is still ours. xoxo

Thank you to my wonderful family, my beautiful mother-in-law, nephew, visiting teachers, friends, neighbors and ward members who helped my family! Especially my mother who cleaned, scrubbed my bathrooms, did my laundry, washed sheets, babysat, did my grocery shopping, cleaned out my fridge, took out my garbages, stocked my freezer with meals, vacuumed, cooked, did my dishes, cleaned my room...... everything! For 9 days! I love you and appreciate you all so SO much.

Las Vegas

When Kirk came home from work on the 23rd we were trying to think of something fun to do! He had July 24th off work because it's a Utah holiday, so we had to do something exciting!! Not to mention, our Anniversary was 2 days away! SooOoOoo we decided we'd go spend the night in Vegas! We had a BLAST!!
We stayed at the Stratosphere on the strip. My favorite part was taking Amos to Circus Circus! We rode the Farris Wheel, the Carousel and Kirk took him on a Flying Bus ride! Then we went on to find the acrobats and play the carnival games. Kirk won Amos the CUTEST stuffed horse. Amos was so happy! He smiled a HUGE smile and cuddled it up to his face all night! He held it so 
  tight in his stroller! It was the cutest thing. I love my cute boys! 
We also went to the Aquarium at Mandalay Bay! It was really really cool. And of course, we walked in and out of the cool Casino's and saw neat water shows, chocolate fountains, gardens, etc! Thank you to my great husband for the wonderful 2 days!

Grandma Fortuna memories!

My wonderful mother has been in town off and on for the last two weeks! Amos and I came across these old memory filled pictures on her phone:

At home facials with the Fortuna girls!

 My monkey man! Playing with his tractor from Grandma and Pa Fortuna!

 Yummy rice crispy treats in his new chair from Grandma!

 Playing in the sprinklers at Grandma Fortuna's!

 Scipio Petting Zoo! Our favorite stopping point between Salt Lake and St George

 Tracy Aviary with Grandma!

New swim outfit from Grandma!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Best Friends

This is my best friends little girl! And I'm confident that she'd agree with this statement.... 

This is just house Amos and Little Miss are!!! The only thing that makes this time momentous is that we actually pulled out our camera fast enough to get the picture this time!!!!! They're always huggin and sharing their kisses! We're just never fast enough!

Today while I was talking to the Nursery leader at Church she shared that there were 21 kids coming into Nursery this year with these two! I love that there are sooo many kids Amos and M's age in our ward! We feel pretty lucky!

Only time will tell if these two end up being childhood sweethearts or childhood best friends for life! :)